Alice in Wonderland Party

Don't be late for this wonderland picnic party.....

Guests would fall down the rabbit hole into this incredible Alice in Wonderland picnic setup, rich with decor and elements featuring all of Alice’s friends in Wonderland such as the mad hatter and white rabbit.  For a delightful ambience, party table is surrounded by hanging curtains of keys, mini bottles, pocketwatch and balloons.

There's plenty of sweet buffet treats and goodies with a teacup cake as a stunning centrepiece of this brilliant and truly whimsical Alice in Wonderland party.

What’s in the goody bag? Curated by Estilo & Co, the bunny goody bag is a perfect gift for Alice in Wonderland party guests...filled with a bunny figurine, candy floss, thank you card with a key charm and a little girl’s party hat or a little boy's bow tie - all for that charming little souvenirs.

*Estilo & Co's Bunny bag, party hats and bow ties are made-to-order.