Romantic Rustic Wedding Solemnisation

Our latest styling for an elegant and intimate wedding Solemnisation at home. Our lovely bride wanted a really beautiful set up, yet not over the top. With a blank canvas to work with and unfinished home renovation, we went for a subtle rustic theme, a bespoke whitewashed signing table made of crates, a bench seat fabricated by a local artisan @woodyardsg and a of course, a bespoke dried flower hanging installation which is just stunning against the sage green wall. 

Rustic Wedding.J.jpg
Rustic Wedding.J.jpg

Mary helped me set up my wedding solemnisation decorations. It was a very beautiful wedding thanks to the ambience her rustic decorations created. All the guests loved it too, and we could take pictures from many different angles. She worked independently, and helpfully integrated customisations like colour scheme and hiding some corners. Your wedding decor will be in safe hands with her around!

Li Fang