we cater to only small-group social gatherings of up to five people (e.g in commercial indoor & restaurant venues) and households up to five guests.


e.g. Marina Barrage

Bay East Garden / Bridge

Public Parks

Public Beaches


Terms & Conditions:​

  • All teepees/pallets and accessories are hire items only.  Complimentary items where stated, are for guests to keep.

  • All images are a guide and details may vary according to availability and party requirements.

Hiring Charges

  • Unless prior arrangements are made, hiring periods are:

1) For Picnic Set Ups at Home - Hiring charges are for day use or overnight rental period: 

    - Day use for lunch event - delivery/set up at 10am, pick up by 6pm same day

    - Over Night for dinner event - delivery/set up at 4pm and pick up by 10am next day

2) For Picnic Set-Ups in a commercial indoor / outdoor venue, condo clubhouses - Hiring charges are for 5-hour rental      period only.

3) Teepee Tent Set-Ups - Hiring charges are for day use and overnight rental period:

     - Day use - delivery/set up by 10am, pick up by 6pm same day

    - Over Night, delivery/set up by 4pm and pick up by 10am next day

  • The hiring charges are for the agreed period as per the booking confirmation.

  • If the equipment is unavailable for pick up or return, Estilo & Co reserves the right to charge the Hirer for extra time after the initial hiring period.

  • Hiring period extension can be arranged, however additional surcharges apply:

        - 75% of the invoice amount for every additional rental period on a weekend (Saturdays & Sundays).

        - 50% of the invoice amount for every additional rental period on weekdays.

  • Postponement:  If the Hirer chooses to postpone the hire of the equipment, cancellation charges will apply. See below.



  • Bookings are held upon request and confirmed once booking form is received and  Estilo & Co has invoiced the hirer.

  • A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure your booking and full payment of the rental fee balance is required one (1) week prior to party date. 

  • Payment options include electronic transfer or cash on delivery. 

  • Estilo & Co reserves the right to withhold delivery if full payment is not received on the date of delivery.

  • An extra delivery charge may apply if we need to reschedule the delivery or return to the premises once an attempt to deliver has taken place.

  • A $100 breakage security bond must be also paid prior to delivery.  This will be fully/partially refunded after collection, depending on damages/losses, if there's any, to the rental items and equipment.



  • If the Hirer cancels the confirmed booking, Estilo & Co reserves the right to charge the following:

    • 14-30 days of delivery date - 25% of the invoice amount.  

    • 7-14 days from delivery date - 50% of invoice amount

    • 1 to 7 days from delivery date 75% of the invoice amount.

    • Within 24 hours of delivery date - 100% of invoice amount.

    • The Delivery date is usually the day of the function / booked date, unless otherwise specified. $100 Deposit is non-refundable but transferable to hold another date.

    • Estilo & Co reserves the right to cancel your hire booking at any time. In the unlikely event of this happening, a full refund will be made, however Estilo & Co will not accept responsibility or liability for losses or any other costs incurred as a result.

    • Should your chosen location cancel or terminate your booking for any reason whatsoever, no refund will be given by Estilo & Co.  In this case, please contact us as a matter of urgency and we will do our utmost to help you find an alternative site.


Receipt of Delivery

  • The Hirer is responsible for accepting delivery of the equipment and accessories.

  • The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from equipment being delivered to an unattended premises or location as requested by the Hirer.

Positioning/Setting up of Equipment

  • The Hirer is responsible for indicating clearly the location of the assembly or dismantling of the equipment. Estilo & Co team will take every care, but shall not be liable for any damage to the site, site access, furniture or personal belongings.

  • The Hirer is responsible for clearing the area for set-up e.g. moving of heavy furniture and clearing of any breakable items.

  • All floor areas must be clean from dirt and dust before setup commences.


Use of Equipment and Accessories

  • The Hirer is responsible for checking the quantity of hired items against the invoice/booking agreement upon delivery and should contact Estilo & Co immediately to advise of any discrepancy or damage discovered.

  • Damage to Hire equipment and accessories during hire period use is the responsibility of the Hirer and the Hirer agrees that repair or replacement charges for damaged equipment and accessories

  • The Hirer should not attempt to repair the equipment and accessories without prior consent of Estilo & Co.

  • Pets / animals must be kept away from the  equipment and accessories due to some children having extreme allergic reactions to animal hair (which is not always easy to eliminate despite thorough washing).

  • All equipment and accessories are for indoor use only as they are not water-proof.


  • A cleaning charge will be applied to all equipment returned dirty $25 per piece of equipment. This will apply to all hire equipment and accessories.

  • Linen does not need to be washed by the Hirer, however if it is returned stained or excessively dirty, a cleaning fee will apply.

  • All hire equipment, accessories and linen need to be returned dry.


  • Insurance is the Hirer’s responsibility during the hire period.

  • The Hirer is responsible for the security of the equipment and accessories at all times during the Hire period.

  • Any lost, broken, damaged or destroyed equipment and accessories will be charged to the Hirer at full replacement value.

Liability to Third Parties

  • Estilo & Co will not be liable for any claim for personal injury, death, loss or damage to the property.

In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation we have enhanced our good health, safety and cleaning measures to keep everyone safe.

Our procedures include but not limited to:

• Temperature check before each delivery and collection.

• Proper and frequent washing of hands and sanitise before delivery.

• Wear clean new gloves and mask during delivery.

• Thorough cleaning, washing and sanitising/disinfecting of all equipment after each rental use.

Upon confirmation of booking of tents and picnic set ups for rent, the Hirer confirms that:

• Hirer and/or any members of hirer's household have not travelled abroad (i.e. to any countries outside of Singapore) in the past 14 days prior to set-up/event date;

• Hirer and/or any members of hirer's household have no flu-like symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or loss of taste / smell, etc.);

•Hirer and/or any members of hirer's household have not in the past 14 days prior to set up/event date, come in close contact with someone who is a confirmed COVID-19 case; OR is part of a COVID-19 cluster;

• Hirer and/or any members of hirer's household did not come in contact with someone who has returned from abroad (i.e. to any countries outside of Singapore) and he/she is not feeling well in the past 14 days prior to set-up/event date.

  • Hirer and/or any members of hirer's household have not been placed on Leave of Absence or Stay at Home Notice.


Thank you for your understanding and assistance to help safeguard our community.


We accept credit card via Paypal - Credit / Debit Cards

- Direct Bank Deposit / PayNow / Paylah

- Offline Payments - Cash

Paypal – You are able to pay via credit card and/or bankcard which is a safe and secure option for online payments.

Direct Bank Deposit – Please forward your remittance advice to our email info@estiloandco.com and your items will be shipped once payment has been cleared.

PayNow / PayLah - 9834 3781 or UEN 202008878M


All information provided to Estilo & Co  will not be shared to others and will be confidential.


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